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Anti-Acne Line
Kosmedik - Acne Wash

Acne Wash - 4fl.oz.  

ACNE WASH is a highly effective deep pore cleanser recommended for oily and problem skin types. It cleans skin pores by removing oil plugs and skin debris. The extracts promote an anti-bacterial and soothing activity. Overall, daily use of this cleanser will help maintain a clear and smooth complexion.  $ 35

Kosmedik - AHA Gel 15%

AHA Gel 15% - 2fl.oz.  

The AHA GEL 15% is a medium-strength exfoliant formula recommended for blemished skin. It promotes the rate of natural skin exfoliation which unplugs pores, clears blemishes and fades dark spots. It contains skin lighteners that minimize the appearance of blotchy skin caused by healing acne scars and sun damage. Its innovative & soothing formula of exfoliants and skin lighteners will help to prevent breakouts and improve your overall complexion. If you are on other acne medication or skin bleaching agents, please consult with a doctor before starting AHA Gel 15%.     $ 86

Kosmedik - Anti Bak

Anti-Bak - 1fl.oz.  


ANTI-BAK is a powerful anti-microbial sulfur tonic recommended for inflamed skin. Its mixture of AHA, BHA and pharmaceutical grade sulfur helps to dry up blemishes, clear redness and reduce tissue irritation.    $ 43   

Blemish Cream.jpg

Blemish Cream  - 2fl.oz. 

BLEMISH CREAM is specially formulated to hydrate problem skin without causing breakouts. This non-oily & fragrant free formula includes a natural botanical complex that helps to regulate oil production. Also, it includes an effective amount of B Vitamins to help heal inflamed blemishes and dark spots.  $ 66

Kosmedik - Clearing Masque

Clearing Masque - 4fl.oz.  

CLEARING MASQUE is a deep pore cleansing, exfoliating, and anti-inflammatory treatment recommended especially for oily and blemished skin. The combination of sebum clearing clays, exfoliating acids, and ichthimmol draws out impurities, minimizes pores, and helps to calm irritated blemishes. It can be used as a blemish spot treatment.  $ 60

Kosmedik - Oil Regulator Plus

Oil Regulator Plus - 2fl.oz.  

OIL Regulator PLUS is a highly effective blemish control treatment specifically formulated for oily skin types with blemishes.  It includes a complex of herb extracts to treat skin with excessive sebum formation, follicular inflammation & increased pore size. In addition, this formula creates an acidic anti-microbial environment on the skins surface to prevent breakouts.  $ 45

Kosmedik - Refining Scrub

Refining Scrub - 4fl.oz.  

REFINING SCRUB is a non-abrasive enzyme scrub for oily and blemished skin. The bromelain and papain enzymes mixed with the gentle jojoba beads help remove deep pore impurities such as blackheads, improve skin texture and restore overall skin appearance.   $ 38

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