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Prior to any Microblading Procedure, you must attend a consultation session. 

miroblading eyebrows
Microblading - Hairstrokes


Phibrows microblading is the newest semi-permanent make-up procedure for eyebrows.  A desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows is created by inserting pigment into the upper layers of the skin.  Results look natural because the hair effect is recreated on the skin.  The effects last up to 18 months after which the pigment fades leaving the skin and your natural brows exactly as they were before the treatment.

Anyone who desires fullness or definition to their eyebrows will benefit from this semi-permanent makeup procedure giving you the freedom to stop using an eyebrow pencil for up to 18 months.



Microblading Touch-Up

The first touch up after initial service is free and is normally scheduled automatically.


This is an additional touch-up requested by the client for Microblading


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