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Botanicals Line
Kosmedik - H&B Serenity

H&B Serenity - 4 fl.oz. 

SERENITY is a calming and therapeutic formula made from natural botanical butters and oils that soothe dry & irritated skin.  It absorbs well into the top layers of the skin leaving it smooth and non-sticky.  The nourishing oils and butters lock in essential moisture to improve the elasticity of and revive a healthy glow to your skin.   $ 34

Kosmedik - MInt Guard

Mint Guard - 8 fl.oz.  

MINT GUARD reduces and improves the unsightly appearance of irritation after shaving, waxing or electrolysis with its blend of soothing oils and healing botanical extracts.  It also helps prevent the formation of ingrown hairs with its exfoliating properties of beta-hydroxy acid.  It works great for women’s bikini lines, underarms, and legs.  $ 37

Kosmedik - Natures Oil

Nature's Oil - 8 fl.oz.  

NATURE’S OIL This special formula is a luxurious moisturizing hand & body treatment. In addition, the natural oils & extracts provide softening & restoring properties for all skin types.    

$ 36

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