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Bio-Active Masque -  2 fl.oz.  

BIO-ACTIVE Masque is a multivitamin enriched facial treatment filled with anti-oxidants and soothing botanicals recommended for normal to dry, undernourished skin.    It supplies essential nutrients, provides skin balance and protects the skin from moisture loss with its natural butters and oils.  The bio-active pentapeptides, collagen and hyaluronic acid help minimize the signs of aging skin by restoring skin elasticity and epidermal regeneration.  $ 65


Resurface Scrub -  2 fl.oz.  

RESURFACE is an effective exfoliating facial treatment recommended for all non-problem skin types that gently removes top layers of skin to help minimize age lines and wrinkles.  Along with exfoliating enzymes, it utilizes the same technology used in micro-dermabrasion treatments. The botanical fortified emollient cream base will leave your skin smooth and with an irresistible glow.  $ 45


Bio-Active Serum -  .5 fl.oz.  

BIO-ACTIVE Serum is an anti-aging, skin repairing serum treatment recommended for all non-problem skin types.  The highly concentrated bio-active peptides, hyaluronic acid and collagen help to restore skin elasticity and essential moisture to diminish age lines and wrinkles.  It absorbs quickly resulting in smooth, soft and velvety feeling skin.  $ 102

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